Diversity Policy

At Sharp Recruitment & Consultants, diversity is about the belief that people’s differences make a significant and enriching impact. These differences may be based on gender, ethnic background, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion or other belief systems, disabilities, as well as our various personalities, experiences, lifestyles, education, values, and family situations.

Based on the fundamental principle of the equal value of all individuals, all employees at Sharp Recruitment & Consultants are entitled to equal rights and opportunities. Respect permeates all relationships, both internal and external.

What we do to promote diversity:

  • Assess individuals based on their competence.
  • Treat everyone with respect.
  • Provide equal rights and opportunities to all.

Diversity Enriches

At Sharp Recruitment & Consultants, we believe that diversity enriches both in the private and professional spheres. Each employee is valued as an asset with unique strengths, knowledge, and development opportunities. By looking beyond differences, we can harness and develop individuals’ experiences and skills in the best possible way. This encourages innovative thinking that enhances our company and our ways of working. An inclusive workplace is enriching and contributes to increased job satisfaction. We also believe that diversity brings business advantages. When our employees reflect our customers and the society we operate in, and we leverage everyone’s diverse experiences and perspectives, it creates competitive advantages.

Within Sharp Recruitment & Consultants:

  • We have zero tolerance for all forms of direct and indirect discrimination, harassment, and offensive behavior in the workplace. This applies to interactions among colleagues as well as contacts with customers, suppliers, and partners.
  • We actively promote equal rights and opportunities in accordance with the Discrimination Act.
  • We set clear goals to have employees with different ethnic backgrounds in leadership positions and various functions.
  • We set clear goals to achieve a balanced gender distribution in leadership positions and various functions.
  • We aim to facilitate the combination of parenthood and employment for everyone.


The responsibility of the company leadership is to create conditions for active diversity work within Sharp Recruitment & Consultants. All managers are responsible for working in line with the guidelines that govern our diversity efforts. All employees have a responsibility to act respectfully towards everyone they come into contact with in their work.