Equality and Non-Discrimination Policy

We believe that individuals with diverse experiences and perspectives are crucial for creating a successful and learning organization. All staff members should have equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities regardless of gender, gender identity or expression, ethnic background, religious beliefs, disabilities, sexual orientation, or age. The same principles apply irrespective of religious, theological, or ideological convictions, as well as our various personalities, experiences, lifestyles, education, values, and family situations.


The purpose of our non-discrimination policy is to establish a workplace where all employees have equal opportunities, rights, and responsibilities.

General Guidelines

Discrimination is a personnel matter for us, not a private matter for those affected. It is important that as an employer, we are prepared to address the issue if it arises in the workplace.

Everyone can help prevent discrimination in the workplace by being mindful of their language and behavior, opposing unacceptable behavior from others, and supporting those who are targeted.

This policy covers incidents in the following contexts:

  • In the workplace
  • In a work or study situation outside the actual workplace
  • In connection with job applications/education

The Discrimination Act includes six types of discrimination:

  • Direct Discrimination
    Treating a job seeker or an employee less favorably than another person in a comparable situation.
  • Indirect Discrimination
    Applying a provision or criterion that appears neutral but, in practice, particularly disadvantages individuals protected by the Discrimination Act.
  • Harassment
    Conduct in the workplace that violates the dignity of a job seeker or an employee and is related to any of the discrimination grounds.
  • Sexual Harassment
    Conduct of a sexual nature that violates the dignity of an employee.
  • Lack of Accessibility
    A person with a disability is disadvantaged because the employer does not take measures necessary for accessibility.
  • Instruction to Discriminate
    Giving orders or instructions to an employee to discriminate against a person.

We take all forms of discrimination very seriously and will never accept such incidents within our organization. Our goal is to create a workplace that is entirely free from discrimination and retaliation.